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follow Jesus together.

Quote of the day

yourself and God

You can lose your job and you can lose your marriage...and still recover...as long as there is hope. Never lose hope.

What We do

Within our doors, you'll see love on display as we serve and disciple children and youth through our amazing and active ministry programs

Our Kids 4 Truth Program
Our Family Ministries
Our SWAG Youth Program

Gregg shaw


"How ya livin' ?"

After serving two terms in the Air Force, Gregg returned to his roots here in Montague County. God has called him to a ministry of loving people, plain and simple. He emphasizes Christ and the Cross and he trusts the power of the Holy Spirit to bring change within the hearts and souls of those God leads to Central Baptist Church.


These are the upcoming events happening at Central Baptist.


A few remarks from our members and guests.

"Central Baptist believes the Bible is the written word of God, truth is taught and the truth will set you free."

Sabra Robertson

"I have never felt more welcome and loved like I did the first time I came to Central Baptist Church. You become family immediately! It just feels like home and there is something special happening inside our walls! You can walk in and feel the Spirit moving."

Jenna Blackburn

"I love that I was timid to even ente\er alone for the first time but the second I entered that fellowship hall I knew I had found my church home and church family. There isn't enough time in the day to describe how amazing our church family is. You might not enter with God in your heart, but it's impossible to leave our church without Him going with you hand in hand, heart and soul."

Lacy Smiley

 what you will experience at Central Baptist

You are Family.....

From the moment you enter the doors, you are Family. We want to see you grow in your relationship with Christ and we have a place to support you within our family.

home missions

CBC supports our Community! We are privileged to consistently support local ministries such as the Bowie Mission and  Clear Choice Pregnancy Resource Center.

we celebrate you...

Here at Central Baptist,
we want to celebrate you!
Join us in every season and we can make memories together. Regardless of what holiday it is, we want to see your family join our family for a photo op.


News from the latest things happening around Central Baptist.


March 2024

Community Church Kids Event

260 kids from all across Bowie gathered at the Community Center for a fun filled night.


February 2024

Spaghetti Fundraiser

We hosted a spaghetti fundraiser raising almost $4,500 to support our youth going to Camp Copass this summer.


September 2023

Addition To Our Youth Room

We added a bar around the basketball adding 24 additional spots for our kids to eat.

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